• After 15 years Bürgenstock Resort - Goodbye!29. January 2018

    Dear Media Representatives,

    At the end of January 2018, my work as communications and media representative for the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne will be coming to an end – after 15 years.

    From 2003 to 2008, I was employed by a variety of investors, and since autumn of 2008, by Bruno H. Schöpfer and Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG.

    During these years, not only was I able to personally witness the conceptual creation and structural development of what has become a beacon of touristic excellence, but I was also able to help shape the organisation of the resort in terms of its communications. In essence, there were two key areas that defined my task: on the one hand, to support the political process and dialogue with relevant interested groups from the worlds of politics, business, culture, and society, and on the other hand, to collaborate with you, my dear friends in the media. In our conversations with one another, you have always been interested, attentive, and courteous. Our collaboration was based upon a good deal of mutual trust.

    It has always been my resolute intention to be of service to you in your work, quickly and reliably.

    I would like to express my gratitude for the time I have spent with you.

    Now that the resort is finished, my involvement is at an end. On 1 February 2018, I will be placing the responsibility for communications that I have exercised on a mandate basis through my agency, AKOMAG Corporate Communications AG, into the hands of the Communications Department of Bürgenstock Resort, under the management of Jonas Reif, Communications Manager (079 644 32 99 / 041 612 60 98 / jonas.reif@buergenstock.ch).

    I wish you all the very best for the future. I would also like to wish you many exciting moments at a resort that indubitably has it all!

    Kind regards,

    Ronald Joho-Schumacher

  • The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is open14. December 2017

    On 14 December 2017, the new Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne is opening the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence. Robert Herr, General Manager of the Bürgenstock Hotel, describes the Waldhotel as follows: “The Waldhotel is a medical competency centre of the highest order. The focus of this five-star hotel is on medical services and services designed to promote health that are integrated into exclusive hotel and spa offers. A multidisciplinary team of doctors, therapists and nursing specialists looks after the health and well-being of the guests.” Services include diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments that are supplemented by a variety of preventative programmes. The holistic promotion of health includes healthy nutrition, adequate exercise and sufficient rest – and all of these are individually tailored to the requirements of each guest.

    On the occasion of the media briefing on 14 December 2017, Bruno H. Schöpfer, Managing Director of the Bürgenstock Selection emphasised the significance of the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence for the new Bürgenstock Resort: “The Waldhotel is an additional core element of the new resort and, after the opening of the Palace and Bürgenstock hotels as well as the Alpine Spa, it marks a further milestone for the new resort”.

    Services offered by the Waldhotel at a glance:

    • Diagnostic & Medical Check-up
    • Mobility & Activity
    • Weight Management & Metabolism
    • Body & Mind Balance
    • Beauty & Healthy Ageing
    • Rehabilitation


    Diagnostic & Medical Check-up

    All our guests are given an assessment of their health status at the beginning of their stay so that they can make the most of the medical services available at the Waldhotel. The check-up comprises a general medical examination by a doctor.

    We have our own hotel doctors, in-house general practitioners, doctors brought in from outside the hotel and therapists available for all our medical services. They run their practices directly in-house in the fields of Dermatology and Venereology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Psychosomatic Medicine and Dentistry.

    Our range of therapies also includes physiotherapy, medical massages and water-based therapies in a pool that has been especially designed for this purpose. For the athletes amongst our guests, specialised personal trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and a fitness centre/MMT (Medical Training Therapy) are also available. The Waldhotel's spa area with indoor and outdoor pools including a generously proportioned sauna space completes our diverse offering.

    In order to make the best use of regional resources, the Waldhotel works in collaboration with the Nidwalden cantonal hospital and with the Lucerne/Nidwalden (Lunis) regional health authority. These partnerships guarantee that all of the guests at the Bürgenstock Resort are optimally provided for. 

    Medical specialities:

    • Dermatology and Venereology
    • Internal Medicine
    • Gastroenterology
    • Cardiology
    • Orthopaedics
    • Psychosomatic Medicine
    • Dentistry


    Mobility & Activity

    The programme and the recommendations made by specialists for fitness and exercise at the Waldhotel are based upon comprehensive evaluations of the guest's health status, their musculoskeletal system and their fitness. When necessary, an orthopaedist is consulted to discuss specific questions concerning the locomotor system and joints. The training threshold is determined by means of laboratory tests and spiroergometry. The entire range of fitness facilities at the Waldhotel is available to our guests: the spa, pool, fitness centre, cold chamber, as well a range of different sports. An expert is there for you to monitor and optimise your training depending on the type of sport. Healthy nutrition is also of great importance for raising the level of your physical well-being. The Waldhotel places particular emphasis upon it.

    Healthy Nutrition

    Healthy food choices help you to stay healthy and full of vitality in the long term. A balanced diet with a focus on a herb-based Mediterranean gourmet cuisine is therefore an important pillar of the Waldhotel's health concept. And while we're on the subject of herbs: the Waldhotel's own herb garden has twelve beds with over 25 delicious culinary herbs. “Bürgenstock Colour Cuisine” represents the core of the concept which has been developed by a doctor, a nutritionist and a nutritional consultant and fine-tuned with the help of the kitchen's chef and the specialist diet chef. It is a method which adapts the diet to the individual needs of the guest with the help of a variety of different measurements and consultations. After detailed clarification, the nutritional consultant prepares a personal nutritional programme for each guest. In the “Cooking Lab”, our specially equipped teaching kitchen, guests can gather and deepen their practical knowledge and experience of healthy gourmet cuisine.

    An expanded medical programme provides the possibility of adapting your diet with the help of a doctor and a nutritionist on the basis of laboratory findings. This includes the clarification of any possible allergies or food intolerances.

    Weight Management & Metabolism

    How can I maintain or reach my ideal weight? Adequate exercise and a balanced diet help you to achieve this goal. A comprehensive evaluation from the start is also important here as everyone's metabolism is different. The Metabolism Laboratory Check-up determines the blood values and bases the guest's diet upon the results. By means of an in-depth consultation, a doctor and nutritional consultant ascertain the guest's eating habits and draw up a diet plan together with them. It could be a special diet but is not necessarily so. The general rule at the Waldhotel is: a diet based on healthy, herbal Mediterranean gourmet cuisine.

    Weight management is supported by a daily training routine – accompanied by physiotherapists. Special training techniques stimulate the metabolism and the burning of fat. Detoxification also belongs to a healthy lifestyle: intestinal cleansing, a period in the cold chamber or a detoxifying body wrap are all very effective to this end.

    Body & Mind Balance

    A healthy mind lives in a healthy body: mental and physical well-being form a single unit and determine the quality of our lives. The Waldhotel in its exceptional surroundings on the Bürgenberg offers the best possible conditions for bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony. It is not without reason that the Bürgenberg is considered a place of regeneration and strength.. The exquisite location, the microclimate, the healthy mountain air and the welcome tranquillity help to recharge your personal batteries.

    Based on a comprehensive stress analysis, a strategy for mastering psychological blockages in stressful everyday situations is developed. Diagnostics and therapy are then based upon this. With the help of experienced doctors, psychologists and therapists, guests learn relaxation exercises or participate in talking and behaviour therapies. Guests can take part in yoga classes and enjoy relaxing massage treatments, or simply let their spirit linger in the unique surroundings.

    Beauty & Healthy Ageing

    The range of services we offer for beauty and vitality at the Bürgenstock Resort is practically inexhaustible. Advice and treatments in the realm of “Skincare and Beauty” form part of the core competencies of the Waldhotel. We only use state-of-the-art equipment. The Skincare & Beauty Centre works in very close collaboration with our specialist for Dermatology and Venereology FMH, PD Dr Dr med. Ahmad Jalili. He runs his own practice in the Waldhotel and also offers photodynamic and laser treatments. Cryolipolysis is an effective treatment for localised fat deposits, cellulite and flabby skin, whilst the Pellevé skin tightening system is used for toning the skin on the face, neck and décolleté.

    Expert medical beauticians also carry out non-invasive treatments with medical cosmetics under the supervision of the dermatologist.


    The Waldhotel has its own rehabilitation department. The rooms meet the highest standards and are functionally furnished with extra wide hospital beds, bathrooms especially designed for patients, a modern call system and many extras. Patients with standard medical insurance stay in a double room, while the privately insured have a single room where a companion may sleep in an additional bed. The rehabilitation department has been included in the Canton of Nidwalden's hospital list. This means that patients from all over Switzerland with standard insurance are welcome.

    The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence offers in-patient care in the fields of musculoskeletal, internal medical/oncological and psychosomatic/sociomedical rehabilitation.

    The Waldhotel

    This exceptional hotel was designed by the Italian architect Matteo Thun. It is the largest Gabion building in the world (a building system using stone baskets). Inspired by Walser architecture and the Alpine Tradition, Matteo Thun was keen to use local materials, namely local stone from the building site excavations and timber from the forest. Thanks to its terraced structure and to the naturally green flat roofs, the Waldhotel blends perfectly into its environment.

    The five-star hotel provides 160 rooms and suites, all facing south and all boasting a comfortable sun terrace. Also part of the hotel: the Verbena Restaurant & Bar with a show kitchen, the “Cooking Lab” teaching kitchen, two private rooms (the “Séjour Calame” and the “Simmentaler Stube”), a library and four conference rooms. A 4,200-square-meter Health & Medical Centre and the Waldhotel spa, with a zone exclusively for women, complete the offerings.

    23 of the 160 rooms are specially equipped for patients from the musculoskeletal, internal medical/oncological and psychosomatic/sociomedical rehabilitation areas. Twelve beds are reserved for in-patients and patients from the canton of Nidwalden and a part of the canton's hospital list.

    The legend has returned

    With the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, all of the listed and newly designed hotels and leisure facilities in the resort are now operational.

    The numerous restaurants place great emphasis on ambience and culinary diversity, ranging from typical Swiss fare to barbecue specialities and Asian, Oriental, French and Mediterranean dishes. The restaurants set great store by authentic international recipes and also by regional products.

    Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne

    The Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne is part of the Bürgenstock Selection, based in Zug, Switzerland. The resort comprises four hotels with a category of three to five-star superior, with 383 rooms and suites, a health & medical centre, 12 restaurants and bars, 67 residence suites, a 10,000 m2 Alpine Spa, and a wide range of leisure activities. The portfolio consists of the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne, the Schweizerhof Hotel & Spa Bern (99 rooms) and the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne (196 rooms). The total investment volume of the Bürgenstock Selection amounts to one billion francs.


  • The Bürgenstock Hotel opens its doors14. September 2017

    As of 28 August 2017, the new Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne welcomes its guests after a long period of renovation. The landmark-protected Palace Hotel & Conferences (4* Superior), with its RitzCoffier Restaurant and the numerous conference rooms, the Sharq Oriental Restaurant, as well as the new sea and rail connection have since begun operations. Bruno H. Schöpfer, Managing Director of Bürgenstock Selection, is delighted that it has been possible to complete this renovation stage. “I would like to thank my team, the project managers and all the planners, companies and suppliers involved for their commitment and excellent collaboration.” “Initial feedback from our guests has been very positive.” Robert Herr, General Manager of the Bürgenstock Resort, expressed his satisfaction: “On several days the restaurants were already fully booked.”

    The next big step is taking place today: The Bürgenstock Hotel (5* Superior) opens its premises to the public:

    • guest-room floors
    • Spices Kitchen & Terrace
    • Bürgenstock Terrace
    • Lakeview Bar & Lounge
    • Lakeview Ballroom
    • Cigar Lounge
    • Cinema & Private Dining
    • Sky Boutique


    Designed was the Bürgenstock Hotel by Lucerne architects Rüssli Architekten AG. The Hotel and its outdoor facilities are at the centre of the resort, which extends over more than one kilometre. On 14 September, further surrounding buildings will be inaugurated:

    • Grand Residence Suites
    • Panorama Residence Suites
    • Diamond Domes (Event & Tennis)
    • Outdoor tennis court


    The nine-hole golf course, the Blockhouse, the Hotel and Restaurant Taverne 1879 (3*), the Spycher, the Trogen country-style restaurant, the staff buildings, the Felsenweg path with the Hammetschwand Lift as well as the Hammetschwand mountain restaurant, have been open for a long time. Furthermore, the new shopping arcade in front of the Bürgenstock Hotel has been inviting guests to shop since September. “Overall, planning and construction have taken nine years. For this, 147 building permits were required. Not to mention the landmark and environmental protection guidelines. Nevertheless, the effort was worth it. The result is a “hotel-village” with an extraordinary mix of historic and modern buildings,” explains Bruno H. Schöpfer. To which Robert Herr adds: “Its size, diverse offer, and breathtaking location high above Lake Lucerne, make the Bürgenstock Resort truly unique.”

    A large part of the landmark-protected as well as the newly built hotel and leisure facilities is now in operation. The same applies for ten of the resort’s 12 restaurants and bars. A great deal of emphasis is placed on culinary diversity: From Swiss cuisine, to a show grill, all the way to Asian, Oriental and Mediterranean dining. And even a French gourmet restaurant: The RitzCoffier at the Palace Hotel. A major coup for the Bürgenstock Resort was the successful hiring of the acclaimed three-star chef Marc Haeberlin as its Signature Chef for this cuisine. The restaurants set great store on authentic international recipes and also on numerous regional products. This means that the Bürgenstock Resort not only sources many food products from local suppliers, but also produces its own, such as wine from the Bürgenberg, honey, cheese and chocolate. An in-house herb garden is also part of the product range.

    The spa, the Bürgenstock Hotel’s upper floors, and the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence will be inaugurated in the late autumn. The grand opening of the entire Bürgenstock Resort will take place in the spring of 2018. As part of this, there will also be an official ceremony.

    Train, boat, postbus, car

    The public transport links have been operating since 28 August 2017. Access by boat and train is ensured by the shuttle boat from Lucerne to Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock and the new Bürgenstock Funicular, entirely rebuilt to match the historic original, from Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock directly to the heart of the resort. They start operations in the early morning and run until midnight, at 1.5 hour intervals. The transport services will be extended through the addition of a new shuttle boat, just in time for the grand opening in spring 2018, providing transportation between the resort and the city of Lucerne at hourly intervals. From this point onwards, travelling time from the Lucerne train station to the Bürgenstock Resort will be reduced to around 30 minutes. The exact times and prices can be found on the SGV’s website (www.lakelucerne.ch) and the Bürgenstock Resort’s website (www.buergenstock.ch).

    The accommodation prices for hotel guests include boat and train transportation. Thus, they can make unlimited use of the Bürgenstock Funicular and the shuttle boat, free of charge. Event guests as well as employees benefit from significant price reductions. In addition, six packages are offered which greatly reduce the prices of boat and train transportation (www.buergenstock.ch/de/spezialangebote). For example, the “Hammetschwand Sunrise” package costs 36 francs and includes the outward and return journey by boat and train, a ticket for the Hammetschwand Lift and a coupon for the Sky Boutique worth 5 francs. Or the “Bürgenstock Sunset” package, also for 36 francs, which includes: the outward and return journey by boat and train, as well as a glass of champagne in one of the restaurants and bars.

    Guests who prefer to drive to the new Bürgenstock Resort can easily take the postbus from the Stansstad train station. The bus stops at various bus stops in the resort. The cantonal road from Stansstad to the Bürgenstock Resort was improved and widened over the past months specifically for this reason. For motorists, parking is limited. The complex has a total of 700 indoor and outdoor parking spaces. 

    Conference Centre

    The Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne offers numerous facilities of various sizes for congresses, forums, meetings and events. The conference rooms have a total area of 2,200 m2 and are able to accommodate up to 900 visitors. This also includes 31 meeting rooms and a large ballroom for 500 guests. In addition, both Diamond Domes (Event & Tennis) can accommodate 500 guests each. All conference rooms are equipped with the latest technical equipment.

    Sustainability and value creation

    The resort’s sustainability concept is exemplary. It includes energy generation, building design and logistics. The project owners were guided by the resort’s pioneers, Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer in this: The forward-thinking founders acquired a concession for the extraction of drinking water from the lake as early as 1888. The same concept is being used today to generate electricity from the waters of the lake. 80 percent of the new resort’s heating needs and 100 percent of its cooling needs are distributed from a power distribution centre via pipelines. This power distribution centre ensures that the supply of energy is almost CO2 neutral.

    Also, rocks from the Bürgenberg were used for the construction as well as to produce concrete. Stone baskets (gabions) were used to replace concrete walls. Gabions create valuable habitats for fauna and flora. In addition, and in line with the forest management concept, the entire area was afforested with mixed forest. In terms of logistics, lorry journeys were reduced by using the excavation material generated: a total of 18,400 lorry journeys into the valley were saved through the use of 165,000 cubic metres of excavated material. This represents nine lorry journeys around the world. 

    The Bürgenstock Resort’s value creating potential is large, as evidenced by a study conducted by BAK Economics: At the latest by 2020, when it will be operating at full capacity, the resort will generate some 140 million francs of gross value added for Central Switzerland on an annual basis (100 m by the resort, 40 m by suppliers). It will create jobs for a total of 1,100 persons (employees and suppliers), and in doing so, it will become the second largest employer of the Canton of Nidwalden.

    Colourful history

    The brave pioneers of the Bürgenstock Resort, Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer, made history in terms of tourism: In 1871, they bought the “Alp Tritt” on the ridge of the Bürgenberg, situated 500 metres above Lake Lucerne. They gave the hotel village the memorable name of “Bürgenstock” and laid the foundation for a world-renowned gem – the Bürgenstock Resort. Their building projects include the 

    “Grand Hotel” (1873), the “Palace Hotel” (1904), the Bürgenstock Funicular (1888), the Felsenweg (1905) and the Hammetschwand Lift (1905). They created a paradise that attracted the world’s elite, based on the thoughtful yet forward-looking style of Fritz Fey, which was initiated during the 50s and 60s of the past century. Illustrious guests from business, politics, high-society and show business felt at home at the Bürgenberg: The first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer, the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, US President Jimmy Carter, and “James Bond” alias Sean Connery, to name but a few celebrities, came here to relax. The film stars Sophia Loren and her husband Carlo Ponti lived at the resort from time to time. In 1954, Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer got married in this picturesque location. Since 2008, the Bürgenstock Resort has been owned by investors from Qatar.

    Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne

    The Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne is part of the Bürgenstock Selection, based in Zug, Switzerland. The resort comprises four hotels with a category of three to five-star superior, with 383 rooms and suites, a health & medical centre, 12 restaurants and bars, 67 residence suites, a 10,000 m2 Alpine Spa, and a wide range of leisure activities. The portfolio consists of the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne, the Schweizerhof Hotel & Spa Bern (99 rooms) and the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne (196 rooms). The total investment volume of the Bürgenstock Selection amounts to one billion francs.

  • Bürgenstock Resort: opening on 28 August 201721. June 2017

    Following nine years of planning and construction, the new Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne is opening on 28 August 2017. By then, the complex construction work on the main part of the kilometre-plus long resort will have been completed, as will most of the work on the resort's 30 heritage-protected and repurposed buildings. The following hotels and facilities will be opening for business:

    • Bürgenstock Hotel (5* Superior)
    • Palace Hotel (4* Superior)
    • Grand Residence Suites
    • Panorama Residence Suites
    • 10 out of a total of 12 restaurants and bars
    • Diamond Domes (events & tennis)
    • Staff quarters
    • Museums and cinema
    • All the public places and viewing terraces

    Reservation enquiries regarding residential events and conferences have been buoyant for months, and there is a great deal of interest in the Residence Suites.

    The following facilities have been up and running for some time: the Taverne 1879 (3*), the Blockhaus, the Spycher, the 9-hole golf course, the Hammetschwand Lift and the Cliff Path. Opening in the autumn will be the Waldhotel – Health & Medical Excellence (5*) with its Verbena restaurant, and the Alpine Spa with its Oak Grill & Pool Patio restaurant. The Grand Opening party for the new Bürgenstock Resort will take place in spring 2018. This will also be open to the public.

    The recruitment process for the resort is in full swing, with more than 200 members of staff already under contract and others being hired all the time. The Bürgenstock Resort needs around 400 staff by the time it opens in August – a figure it is confident of reaching. The recruitment process will continue following the opening in August: by the time the resort is running at full capacity in 2020, it will be employing around 800 staff.

    Rail and boat

    The public transport links will also be commencing operations on 28 August 2017. The Lucerne – Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock shuttle boat service and the completely rebuilt vintage-look Bürgenstock Railway, which takes guests and visitors into the heart of the resort, will be providing a direct and highly entertaining link between the city and the resort; it will be operating to a 1.5 hourly daily timetable between the early morning and midnight. A brand-new shuttle boat will come into service in spring 2018 to coincide with the Bürgenstock Resort’s Grand Opening, resulting in an hourly timetable between the resort and Lucerne. Once that happens, journey times between Lucerne railway station and the Bürgenstock Resort will be cut to around 30 minutes. Details of the timetable and prices may be obtained from the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company SGV (www.lakelucerne.ch ) and the Bürgenstock Resort (www.buergenstock.ch).

    The round trip with boat and railway in standard class will be CHF 42.20 for an adult with a Half-Fare travelcard/SwissPass, or CHF 25.00 with a GA travelcard/SwissPass.

    Guests staying at the resort travel free, i.e. they will benefit from unrestricted travel on the Bürgenstock Railway and the shuttle boat. Attendees of events and resort staff will be able to take advantage of heavily discounted fares. In addition, five discounted packages will be available for the boat and railway.

    A convenient land route involving a bus ride from Stansstad railway station to the new Bürgenstock Resort will also be available. The resort will be served with four different bus stops. The cantonal road between Stansstad and the resort has been specially extended and widened in recent months. Car drivers should note that parking provision at the resort is limited: although it offers 700 indoor and outdoor parking spaces, the wide-ranging resort itself is car-free.

    Sustainability and value creation

    With its environmentally friendly approaches to energy generation, construction and logistics, the resort's sustainability concept represents a landmark in ecological thinking. The planners and developers of the new resort took a leaf out of the book of its original pioneers, Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer: in as early as 1888, the two innovators had obtained a concession to extract potable water from the lake. The same approach is now being adopted to derive energy from the lake. Eighty percent of the new resort's thermal needs and 100 percent of its cooling needs are circulated via a network of highly insulated pipes issuing from an energy distribution centre. The heating and cooling provided by the energy distribution centre, which is already in use, is almost CO2-neutral. As for the resort's construction and concrete needs, the developers sourced raw material in the form of stone and aggregate from the Bürgenberg itself. Where possible, use was made of gabions (cages filled with rocks) instead of concrete walls; they provide valuable habitat for flora and fauna. With regard to forest management, the entire resort has been planted with mixed woodland. In terms of the project's logistics, truck movements were reduced by through the reuse of excavation material: 165,000 m3 of reused material meant 18,400 fewer truck journeys up and down the mountain – equivalent to nine circumnavigations of the planet by one truck.

    A study by BAK Basel Economics has indicated the Bürgenstock Resort's immense value-creating potential: once the resort is fully up and running, it could be contributing some CHF 140 million to the Central Swiss economy in terms of gross value creation (resort: 100 m, suppliers: 40 m). It is creating a total of 1100 direct and indirect jobs, making it the second-largest employer in Canton Nidwalden.

    Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne

    The Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne is part of Bürgenstock Selection, which is headquartered in Zug Switzerland. The car-free resort (opening in August 2017) comprises four 3 to 5 star Superior hotels with 383 rooms and suites, a Health & Medical Centre, 12 bars and restaurants, 67 Residence Suites, a 10,000 m2 Alpine Spa and a wide range of leisure pursuits. The Bürgenstock Selection portfolio consists of the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne, the Schweizerhof Hotel & Spa in Bern (99 rooms) and the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa in Lausanne (196 rooms). The total being invested by Bürgenstock Selection is in the region of one billion Swiss francs.

  • New Bürgenstock Railway: from water to rail12. June 2017

    A historical event is happening on the shores of Lake Lucerne on the morning of 12 June 2017: that’s when the two new carriages for the venerable Bürgenstock Railway are being transferred from floating pontoons to dry land at the Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock landing stage. The carriages represent a spectacular form of railway transport, whose arrival heralds the forthcoming opening of the new Bürgenstock Resort in the summer. “Like its historical predecessor before it, the new Bürgenstock Railway will soon be carrying visitors and guests between Kehrsiten on the lake and the centre of the hotel resort. In conjunction with the shuttle boat between Lucerne and Kehrsiten, this public transport link is seen as vital for accessing the resort on the Bürgenberg,” enthuses General Manager Robert Herr.

    Bound for Kehrsiten, the two ten-and-a-half tonne funicular carriages will be setting off from Lucerne at 7.30 in the morning. Loaded onto special floating pontoons, they will be slowly hauled across Lake Lucerne by tugboats. There are two reasons for transporting the carriages on water: for one thing, the narrow road leading to Kehrsiten cannot accommodate the eleven metre-long, two-and-a-half metre-wide carriages. For another thing, the Bürgenstock Railway carriages have been designed and built in a lakeside dock on behalf of the Garaventa Company by specialists at Shiptec AG, a subsidiary of the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company SGV. In other words, unusually, the shipbuilders of Shiptec have built a train rather than a boat! The manufacture of the carriages has taken a year or so. They are replicas of the original carriages, but with the benefit of the latest engineering and technology. “This railway project is something very special for shipbuilders like us. Since we were building the carriages in a retro style, we were able to take full advantage of our experience in renovating vintage paddle steamers,” says project manager Lukas Durrer.

    The precious load is due to reach the Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock landing stage at 9.30 a.m., at which point a crane will gently hoist the two red funicular carriages onto the rails, where specialists will then attach them to the funicular cable. “Yet another key milestone for the new Bürgenstock Resort. I am indebted to all those who have been involved on this special railway project,” says Bruno H. Schöpfer, Managing Director of Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG.

    From old to new

    Work on the new track, two terminuses and two replica vintage carriages has been underway for more than two years. Like the old funicular before it, the new one provides a direct link between the Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock landing stage on Lake Lucerne and the centre of the Bürgenstock Resort. The steep line is 943 metres in length. The new glazed and heated waiting room in the lower terminus will also double as a small museum featuring the old funicular carriages. The Bürgenstock Railway will be fully automatic and unmanned as it travels up and down. At peak times, however, staff will be on hand to assist passengers with boarding and alighting. The railway will be in service from early morning to midnight all year round (summer and winter), and each vehicle can accommodate 56 persons. The railway is expected to be delivered within its budget of CHF 15 million. The new direct boat-railway link is due to launch at the end of August.

    Major history

    The Kehrsiten–Bürgenstock funicular railway is in existence thanks to Franz Josef Bucher-Durrer and Josef Durrer. The building permit was issued in 1876, whereupon it was built by the Bell Company of Kriens. The contractor's task was something of a challenge, as the track had to contend with steep, rocky terrain. Yet 1887 saw it enter service after the country’s Federal Council issued a concession for the first electrically powered railway of its kind. The Abt rack system was extended in 1911 and the carriages equipped with a rail clamp braking system first designed by Franz Josef Bucher-Durrer and Josef Durrer for the Stanserhorn Railway. The funicular was refurbished and brought up-to-date on a number of occasions, the latest revision being in 2001 when the carriages were overhauled. At the same time the safety controls and CCTV surveillance system were replaced. December 2012 saw the vintage funicular carry passengers for the last time.

    Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne

    The Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne is part of Bürgenstock Selection – Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG. The car-free resort comprises four hotels with 383 rooms and suites, a Healthy Living centre, 12 bars and restaurants, 67 residence suites, a 10,000 m2 Alpine Spa and a wide range of leisure pursuits. Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG is the company responsible for developing and operating the hotels in Switzerland. Its portfolio currently consists of the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne (383 rooms), the Schweizerhof Hotel in Bern (99 rooms) and the Royal Savoy Lausanne Hotel (196 rooms). Katara Hospitality’s investments in Switzerland amount to a total of one billion Swiss francs.


  • Exchanging views and ideas in the ROI Lounge26. April 2017

    Tuesday, 25 April 2017 saw the Crystal Lounge at the KKL Luzern transformed into the ROI Lounge. Some 75 invited guests were presented with the latest edition in the series of ROI publications, a special issue on hospitality and tourism titled Between Tradition and Innovation. The ROI Lounge is a networking event in an informal setting and without long speeches or a set agenda.

    Present at the ROI Lounge were successful hoteliers and tourism professionals, keen to have an exclusive preview of the latest ROI publication – this one, titled Between Tradition and Innovation, focuses on hospitality and tourism. A business event with an emphasis on exchanging views and ideas. The many tourism and hospitality professionals, politicians, businesspeople and media professionals present took full advantage of the opportunity to converse and discuss at leisure.


    The ROI Lounge, which took place on a Tuesday for the first time, is a further piece of the mosaic in the ROI brand, which also includes the print magazine ROI, an autumn publication, the special issues – such as this one on hotels and tourism – and the website www.roi.online.ch. The ROI series is a joint product of the Luzerner Zeitung and AKOMAG Corporate Communications. The partnership has been in existence for more than 20 years. Its success was clear to all during the ROI Lounge event.


    Central Switzerland’s hospitality sector is in good shape. That was the message that came through loud and clear – and the dominant theme of the discussions. Why? What makes Central Switzerland better than other regions? The industry insiders at the event were unable to answer that question conclusively. It is surely due a number of factors. The enviable location featuring Lake Lucerne and the mountains. The upbeat city of Lucerne. The tireless endeavours of the hoteliers to offer their guests an all-embracing experience. The will to keep investing. A key element is doubtless the heartfelt hospitality. Something everyone could agree on: a hotel is only as good as the people who work in it.

    E-Paper ROI-Spezial

    Artikel Luzerner Zeitung

    Videobeitrag der Luzerner Zeitung über die ROI-Lounge


    Begrüssung der Lounge-Gäste durch Ronald Joho-Schumacher.
    (Bild: Eveline Beerkircher/LZ)

    Ueli Kaltenrieder (Luzerner Zeitung), Beat Christen, Ronald und Barbara Joho-Schumacher, Raphael Amrein, June Duso, Paul Felber (alle AKOMAG Corporate Communications AG) (Bild: Eveline Beerkircher/LZ)

  • Bürgenstock Resort: construction works on railway tracks15. March 2017

    SRF TV report:

    The legendary red Bürgenstock Railway is being restored at present. Meanwhile construction workers are building new tracks on a steep slope high above Lake Lucerne. This hard work requires a high level of fitness and courage. 

  • Newsletter Bürgenstock Resort12. October 2016

    AKOMAG produces the Newsletter for the Bürgenstock Resort. Read the last edition.

  • Opening Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne26. September 2016

    A new milestone for the Bürgenstock Selection: after the Schweizerhof in Berne (2011), it was the turn of the 5-star Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne to celebrate its official opening on 23 September. AKOMAG organised the media work for German-speaking Switzerland. The «Schweiz aktuell» television programme broadcast 10 minutes live from the event, and included an exclusive interview with Sheikh Nawaf bin Jassim bin Jabor Al-Thani (president of the board of Katara Hospitality).


  • Bürgenstock Resort attracts 10,000 visitors05. September 2016

    The weekend of 3 and 4 September 2016 saw the Bürgenstock Resort hold two open days as part of its PR offensive: more than 10,000 people seized the opportunity to take a close-up view of this imposing development emerging on the Bürgenberg. They were being offered the chance to explore the numerous hotels and sports facilities a full year before the relaunch of the resort. The interest was great enough to warrant the hiring of extra buses.

    Coming after the success of the exhibition «The Bürgenstock Resort – an open mountain for all» held at the Länderpark shopping centre in June 2016, the open days had a clear message to communicate: once it is completed in the summer of 2017, visitors will be able to roam the new Bürgenstock Resort at will. AKOMAG Corporate Communications is mandated to provide communication and engagement services on behalf of the Bürgenstock Resort.


  • AKOMAG news ticker for Switzerland Global Enterprise30. August 2016

    AKOMAG is integrated into the Switzerland Global Enterprise news ticker. AKOMAG is responsible for internationally relevant news from the region of Central Switzerland.

  • AKOMAG Imagemovie16. August 2016

  • International media relations10. August 2016

  • Bürgenstock Resort05. August 2016

  • SRF covers Bürgenstock Resort01. August 2016